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Monday, May 14, 2012

Ron Luce's (Texas Minister) Daughter Lone Plane Crash Survivor

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Ron Luce didn't recognize the voice of the woman who phoned Friday to say his daughter Hannah was with her.
Her words made no sense to the Texas minister and founder of a Christian organization for troubled youths. How could Hannah be with this woman when she was on a plane headed to a Christian youth rally in Iowa?
"The way I discovered about my daughter and the plane accident was probably the most unscripted way you could imagine," Luce said Sunday at University of Kansas Hospital, where his 22-year-old daughter was in serious condition with burns over 28 percent of her body. "I asked [the woman], 'Where's the plane?' She said it's off in the distance, and there are flames, there's smoke."
Hannah Luce is the only one of five people who survived when the twin-engine Cessna 401 crashed Friday afternoon northwest of Chanute. Three died at the scene, and a fourth -- a former Marine who helped Hannah Luce get from the wreckage to a nearby road -- died early Saturday. ...
Anderson, who served two tours of duty in Iraq before going to Oral Roberts University, suffered burns over 90 percent of his body.
"I know Austin; he's that kind of guy," Luce said. "He served two tours in Iraq, and he was willing to give his life for his country. He was willing to give his life for a friend. He was always willing to go that extra mile."
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