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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Doug Wilson will not Vote Republican in 2012 - No Vote for Romney

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Written by Douglas Wilson   
Wednesday, 11 April 2012
It was declared inevitable a number of times prematurely, but it really does look inevitable now. Rick Santorum has bowed out, and Romney will clinch the Republican nomination some time in the near future.
This means, among other things, that I will not be voting the Republican ticket in the fall....
Why would I not vote for Romney based on his VP pick, in a similar way that I voted for McCain based upon his? The reason is that while McCain was no conservative, his deviations from the norm were a function of a iracisble old man with opinions, in distinction from the weather vane from atop a Massachusetts barn.
When McCain picked Palin, a true-blue pro-lifer (and that is the issue for me), I was willing to bend on McCain. I am not a single-issue voter, but I do have a hierarchy of issues in my mind, and voting against those sorts of policies which caused Gomorrah to come to such a bad end are chief among them.
So what if Romney picks a pro-lifer? Why wouldn't I do the same thing? Actually, I am sure he will pick a pro-lifer -- he couldn't afford to do otherwise. He is going to have to act very non-etch-a-sketchy well into the general election. It is a practical judgment I am making. I believe that Palin as VP would have made the life issue a front-and-center issue, and in very good ways. I believe that a Romney veep, however conservative, will be easily cordoned off behind velvet ropes
And this leads to the next issue. Political votes are cast on the basis of whether or not you believe candidates when they say something. Why do I believe that Ron Paul would do exactly what he says he will do? Why do I believe that Romney will now tack toward the center? The opinion you come to in these things is not something you can prove, like a theorem in geometry, but one does come to a particular opinion nonetheless. Romney avows that he is a conservative, and I don't believe him. Paul says that he is a libertarian, and I do believe him, but I differ with his libertarianism at certain key places. Santorum claimed to be a social issues conservative, and I absolutely believed that. He also claimed to be a conservative in other senses that I didn't accept.
... I believe that many true conservatives who detest Romney are the sort who detest Obama even more, and so they will now work for the election of Romney. I understand that, but I am not going to do it. Deal me out. ....
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